Bleeds: Illustrator


  1. Open Document Setup
  2. Add 0.125 in Bleed
  3. Turn on Rulers
  4. Set Safety Line
  5. Utilizing the Bleed Line
  6. Utilizing the Safety Line

1. Open Document Setup

At the top of your Illustrator Document, click Document Setup

Illustrator_Document Setup

This will prompt the Document Setup window to open where you will add your bleed settings.

Note: If you do not see this Document Setup button, you can find it in File > Document Setup.

2. Add Bleed

In the “Bleed” section, add 0.125 inch bleed to the top, bottom, left, and right. Click OK.

Illustrator_Document Setup Window

3. Turn on your Rulers

In the top menu, go to View > Rulers > Show Rulers

4. Set Safety Line

a. Click + Drag your safety lines (margins) from the rulers to 0.125 in within the document on each edge.
b. You can check the measurements of the safety lines at the top of your Illustrator document.

Illustrator_Check Measurements

Now that your document is set up properly with bleeds and safety lines, it should look similar to this:

Illustrator_New Document

5. Utilizing the Bleed Line

To utilize your bleeds when designing, extend your graphics and/or images (that you want to print up to the edge) beyond the edge of the page to the bleed line.

Illustrator_Utilizing the Bleed Line