Bleeds: Canva


  1. Turn on Bleeds and Margins (Safety Lines)
  2. Using the Bleed Lines
  3. Using the Margins (Safety Lines)

1. Turn on Bleeds and Margins (Safety Lines)

a. In the top menu, click File > Show margins (safety lines) > Show print bleed. This will automatically make the bleed and margins (safety lines) appear.

b. After this step, your document will look similar to:

Canva_New Document

2. Utilizing the Bleed Line

To utilize your bleeds when designing, extend your graphics and/or images (that you want to print up to the edge) beyond the edge of the page to the bleed line.

Canva_Utilizing the Bleed Line

3. Utilizing the Safety Line

Place your important information (Page numbers, logos, text, etc.) within the safety line to ensure that you don’t lose any of it during the trimming process.

Note: Canva does not have editable margins (safety lines), and their default settings are much larger than PrintingCenterUSA recommends. Be aware that our standard Safety Line recommendation is 0.125 inches within each edge of your document.

Canva_Utilizing Margins